Train Frontier Express - Update List

Current Version is 1.05 (4 free updates so far)

Version 1.02
Version 1.03
Version 1.04
Latest Version 1.05

Latest Version 1.05 (released 2013.04.20)

Improvements and changes
- Level track placement button added (A Button)
- Track section height can now be adjusted
- Track height variation increased
- At grade track geometry altered
- Underground tunnel track added
- Floating bridge track added (it's magic)
- Track placement arrow visible behind objects
- Track can now be placed at water level
- Sloping track will no longer alter terrain at great heights
- Terrain near tracks is no longer locked
- Terrain LOD optimized
- Train derailing more gradual
- Train will now tilt when in danger of derailing on curves
- Active braking now alleviates chances of derailment (spark control)
- Horn can now be blasted in short to long bursts
- Improved thruster vibration feedback
- Joystick can now control track turnout switches
- Driveable vehicles earned by picking up trackside bonuses
- Trackside bonuses reduced in frequency
- Trackside bonuses appear on side of track (not on it)
- Trackside bonuses only appear when driving train continuously
Prop Builder
- Props now viewable while scrolling
- Props category scrolling improved
Fly Cam Mode
- Now able to turn off the ghostly green placement train in fly mode
- Must activate train placement before activating a train
- Train placement distance reduced
- No longer able to walk while train is active
- Camera no longer faces outdated directions when exiting train
- Fly cam can raise and lower using trigger buttons
- Fly cam right shoulder button will targer player train/online players
- Fly cam left shoulder button will teleport player train/online players
- Vehicle driving mode added
- Player avatar visible in walk mode
- Auto residential neighborhood builder tool added
- Auto downtown city builder tool added
- Auto street builder tool added
- Map rating added
- Map original creator credit added
- Device selector button added to maps screen
- Max map slots increased to 96 (+4 auto save slots)
- Auto profile save file added
- Profile settings added (volume/invert axis)
- Train layout saved in profile (previously in map)
- Badges saved per profile (previously in map)
- Increased badge difficulty
- Collision is now a per player permission (host has all options enabled)
- Derailment only affects other collision enabled players
- Full list of game XBL sessions now scrollable
- Players tags now visible above players (pressing Y)
- Finding sessions no longer causes delay
- Fog and rain occurs less frequently
- Autosave screen no longer appears
- Autosave save interval changed to 5 minutes
- In-game menu can now be exited with Back button
- Steam Duck Green Locomotive and Tender
- Steam Duck Red Locomotive and Tender
- Steam Duck Blue Locomotive and Tender
- TFE A-1 Maroon Locomotive and B-Unit
- TFE Double-5 Black Locomotive
- TFE Double-5 Maroon Locomotive
- TFE Double-5 Blue Gray Locomotive
- "The Dash" Orange Locomotive
- "The Dash" Light Blue Locomotive
- Improved grass
- Improved LOD for props
Train Cars
- Grain Car Red
- Grain Car Green
- Grain Car Orange
- Double Decker Bus
- Silver Camper
- 50s Taxi
- 50s Hot Rod
- Level Crossing No Barrier
- Level Crossing w/ Barrier
- Give Way Sign
- No Stopping Sign
- No Waiting Sign
- Halt Sign
- No Entry Sign
- No Monsters Sign
- Train Shed
- Cobblestone Tunnel Entrance
- 4-way Intersection Plain
Bug fixes
- Leaky cabin roof fixed
- Creating lakes under tracks improved
- Train on train collision radius refined
- Certain props can no longer be built on top of eachother
- Track bridge shadow in terrain artifact reduced
- Train no longer derails on steep inclines at slow speeds
- Train will now fire sparks on left or right sides individually
- Default yellow diesel now renders properly at odd angles
- World sound no longer freaks out in game menu
- Derailed trains falling from low heights now explode appropriately
- Glowing transparent objects no longer turn black in certain instances
- Joining game clears old network session list
- Overhead mode now displays small objects properly

Version 1.04 (released 2012.1.05)

Improvements and changes
- Weather Rain added
- Weather Snow added
- Weather Fog added
- Added TFE 060 steam locomotive
- Added TFE 060 tender car
- Added TFE A-1 diesel
- Added TFE Double-5 diesel
- Added snowy trees
- Added snowman
Bug fixes
- Ground flattening below tracks improved

Version 1.03 (released 2011.9.24)

Improvements and changes
- Increased Throttle and D-Brake lever speed
- Increased uphill climbing speed of trains
- Players are default "Untrusted" when joining a multiplayer game
- Untrusted players will be unable to build or derail other trains
- Kicked players will be banned from session on 2nd offense
- More colorful grass
- Higher quality sky
- Added "The Dash" diesel engine
- Added parking lot sections
- Added street and parking lamp posts
- Added 6 high rise buildings
- Added overpass road
- Added grain silo
- Added satallite dish
- Added large storage tanks
- Added mega factory
- Added easy-to-use square road pieces
- Disabled old road pieces
Ongoing Issues
- Private games should only allow invites (resolved?)
Bug fixes
- Fixed crash on multiplayer public join
- Braking power increased versus downhill gravity
- Sky properly rotates in derailment camera
- Small shed placement radius fixed
- Warehouse texture fixed
- Autorack wheels fixed

Version 1.02 (released 2011.9.13)

Improvements and changes
- Jump to track node button added, removed directional autojump
- Join Public option now shows a select game host screen
- Co-op prop building available in multiplayer
- Host has ability to disable user prop building
- Prop categories now visible
- Switching to track build mode now jumps to closest track node
- Joining a multiplayer game no longer changes train layouts
- Track nodes now have a smaller more precise grid snapping size
- Pressing B in conductor now deactivates the train
- Walking mode jump mapped to Stick click
- Fly mode now matches walk mode axis settings
- Terrain builder mode now has a larger zoom distance
- Gravity now more prominent in trains
- Depth of field effect added
- Camera filter effect added
- Normal mapped terrain added
- High resolution terrain texture added
- Improved terrain coloring algorithm
- Disabled props locking the terrain
- Disabled ghost training (no clip) feature in multiplayer
- Disabled bot train respawn in multiplayer
- More robust prop builder undo and redo system
- Low speed derailment less likely
- Max train speed is now limited by throttle intensity (excluding gravity)
- Pinetree groups are now destroyed by placing tracks
- More robust prop builder undo and redo system
- Avatars in mutliplayer to give general location of player
- Track limit increased by ~50%
- Multiplayer public join has crash error (private works)
Bug fixes
- Replaced track cleanup functionality, fixing some track building glitches
- Fixed reverse track linking for backwards loops
- Moving in builder mode now has corrected diagonal acceleration
- Train tracks no longer recolor terrain upon load
- Deactivated green train now shows latest engine
- Trains are now deactivated when connecting to multiplayer
- Multiplayer derailed trains no longer destroy buildings while in builder
- Overhead view graphical clipping removed
- Fixed prop placement collision on some props
- Prop list order fixed
- Fixed trains derailing upon spawn in multiplayer
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